Woolgatherer Carding Mill

Rediscovering a Remarkable Fiber

The world seems to be rediscovering wool for traditional as well as creative new uses. As consumers become increasingly wary of chemically-synthesized petroleum fabrics and foams, we are seeing a renewed interest in wool.

Wool has many remarkable qualities that make it perfect for many uses. Our wool batting is currently used in bedding, furniture, toys and many other products and crafts.


Wool Facts

Wool fiber properties

Wool fibers can be thick or extremely fine. Different types of wool are optimal for different uses. Wool batting is generally made of thicker fibers than clothing.

Wool fiber properties

What Makes Wool Different?

Wool owes many of its unique beneficial properties to the microscopic structure of the fibers.

Overlapping scales and natural lanolin on the outside of wool fibers make wool durable and resistant to dirt, dust-mites, and mildew. Hollow tubes in the center of the fiber wick moisture away from your skin and hold water without making you feel clammy.

Wool can evaporate moisture in either a warming or cooling manner. This incredible property maintains warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.