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Please allow 3-4 week lead time for wool orders. Custom orders may take longer.
* Subject to availability.

Premium Organic Cotton Fabrics

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Customer Reimbursements (Recycling Program)*

* Customer is responsible for shipping recyclables to Woolgatherer Carding Mill at their own cost.

Guaranteed Purity With Integrity!

Supporting our customers with a pro-active philosophy towards ensuring only pure and natural products are brought to market. Woolgatherer Carding Mill takes the extra step by testing all of our products through the nations leading Toxicology Laboratories for animals on a semi-annual basis. This tests for any pesticide, herbicide and heavy metals such as arsenic. We also successfully tested for NO harmful or toxic molds using a independent third party company. Test results are made available to all customers on request.

Global Organic Textile Standard Oregon Tilth Made in the USA