Understanding Wool Processing

Having a personal relationship with each of our wool-growers is mutually beneficial. Together we have developed an evolving set of guidelines:
Shearing is the act of harvesting wool fleece from a sheep. The wool fiber is a hardened protein and does not contain any sensory structures.
Our wool is exceptionally clean because we require extra steps to sort through grease wool before sending it off to be scoured (washed). Skirting, grading, and baling.
Once the wool has been skirted, graded and baled, it’s transported to a scouring facility to be cleaned. The process of washing grease wool is called “scouring.”
After proper cleaning, the wool is shipped back to our California carding mill where it’s transformed into ready-to-use wool.

Woolgatherer Carding Mill

Woolgatherer Carding Mill strives to provide exceptional service and products. As a large producer of wool batting in the USA, Woolgatherer is able to produce quality products at competitive prices. Woolgatherer also cooperates with each customer to create the perfect custom batting for their needs.

Woolgatherer follows wool through every stage from the pastures to the finished product. Woolgatherer staff is meticulous about creating the best product possible and following our industry-leading principles for sustainability and quality. In addition, we have personal relationships with our growers to ensure they are using high standards for purity and are managing their flocks in a humane, chemical-free, and environmentally safe manner.

We produce a wide variety of satiable, high end products, including Wool and Cotton Batting, 100% wool Insulator Barrier, as well as wool and cotton textiles.

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