Melton Wool Moisture Barrier

The Woolgatherer offers two chemical-free moisture barrier solutions made with melton wool for mattress protection. This high-quality wool moisture protection is a completely natural product without fillers and additives. Choose between a fine/natural wool melton and a super fine wool melton. Our Fine/Natural Melton is a woolen prepared fabric whereas our Super Fine Wool Melton is a worsted prepared fabric.

Both styles are available by the roll: 86” wide, 30 yard length.

Please get in touch 530-459-5900 to learn more. 

Blanket Fabric

Our wool blanket textile is made with wool harvested from domestic merino sheep. This fabric is produced without harmful chemicals and softens with every wash. Measures 46 oz of wool per yard.

Available by the roll: 86” wide, 30 yard length.

Please call 530-459-5900 to learn more about this textile.