The Woolgatherer provides a natural alternative to help pass FR 1632 and 1633. 

  • FR 1632 general requirements: A prototype test consists of testing six mattress or mattress pad surfaces (minimum of three mattresses). The apparatus and test materials required to conduct the test are specified in 16 C.F.R. 1632.4(a). The mattresses or mattress pads, sheets and cigarettes are conditioned for 48 hours prior to testing. A minimum of 18 cigarettes will be burned on each of the six mattress surfaces.
  • FR 1633 general requirements: The test method measures the flammability (fire test response characteristics) of a mattress specimen. This is done by exposing the specimen to a specified flaming ignition source and allowing it to burn freely under a well-ventilated, controlled environment condition. The flaming ignition source is a pair of propane burners. These burners impose different fluxes for differing times on the top and sides of the specimen. During and after this exposure, measurements shall be made of the time-dependent heat release rate from the specimen, quantifying the energy generated by the fire. The rate of heat release must be measured by means of oxygen consumption calorimetry.

Flame-Resistant Wool Properties

Wool is the most flame-resistant of the primary natural and organic fiber products. Wool is commonly used in numerous applications to provide flame-resistant properties. It is also often used in natural bedding to assist in passing U.S. flame testing regulations employed without the addition of toxic chemical flame retardants.

  • High ignition temperatures (see chart)
  • High limiting oxygen index
  • Low heat of combustion
  • Low heat release
  • Wool does not drip or melt and instead leaves a self-insulating char, preventing further flame spread
  • Chemical/Pesticide free
Wool 600
Nylon 575
Polyester 560
Rayon 420
Cotton 255

Wool is not a FR solution in and of itself. The combination of materials used as the core of the quilt package will determine the resistance.

Please review your product development with a professional to ensure the quilt package FR integrity. Give us a call 530-459-5900 to discuss your options.