100% Organic Cotton Canvas/Muslin

The 100% Organic Cotton Canvas is made up of 10/1 yarns in both warp and weft yarns. This muslin has 52 ends per inch in warp and 32 ends per inch in weft. The construction is 52x32/10/1 of organic yarns.

This product is great for bedding, the bottom layer of a quilt package, or upholstery - and it works well as backing under your wool batting. This fabric comes in a natural, undyed color.

Available by the roll: 90” wide, 100 yd. Length.

Please call 530-459-5900 to inquire more.

100% Organic Cotton Sateen

Our 100% Organic Cotton Sateen is 3x1 broken sateen, allowing for a thread count of 344. This fabric is thicker than normal sateen fabrics at 16 oz. per linear yard. Our Organic Cotton Sateen stands up well to sewing and tufting. This fabric comes in a natural, undyed color.

Available by the roll: 110” wide, 100 yd. length.

Call 530-459-5900 to learn more about this product.

Cotton Tricot (Stretch Knit) Fabric

Our Cotton Tricot fabric has fine lops running diagonally and interlocking with each other. This design allows the stretch jersey knit to have elastic properties even though it’s 100% cotton.

The Cotton Tricot is made from 100% organic 30/1 combed ring spun yarn and measures 110 grams per square meter (110 gsm). Often used in linings, tricot does not sag or billow and shows little wear with use. As a stretch knit, it works well in mattress encasements as it is more flexible with shifting materials under ticking.

Available by the roll: 92” wide, 100 yd. length.